Living room lighting is to be undertaken with the utmost care, as it is often the first room that one comes across when entering a home. The lighting sets the tone and mood in the living space and provides a sense of belonging and comfort. Nowadays, there are many options available when it comes to lighting up the living room. Be is simplistic, extravagant, classic or any orientation of ornamentation, plenty of varieties are present. Here are some of the ways to illuminate the living room.

Centerpiece Chandeliers

Centerpiece Chandelier

Not only do they add the style quotient, they are practical in nature as well. If positioned carefully, you don’t need any extra lighting around the living room. Thereby, reducing your power consumption and hence your carbon footprint and electricity bill.

D-I-Y table lamps


This is a creative way of personalizing your living room lighting. Table lamps are subtle in terms of lighting effect with reduced glare. As such, they provide the ideal setting for a cozy and warm vibe. Personalized table lamps provide an added element of customization with pictures of near and dear ones being illuminated by the light.

French window Daylight

 French window daylight

Windows when placed smartly, allow the sunlight to enter the room and light up the living space. This requires very minimal lighting as daylight is available throughout the day and artificial lighting is required only at night. Since the living room is a space where one spends most of the time lounging at home, it is definitely a requirement to make use of daylight emerging through French windows.

Artistic sconce

Artistic sconce

Sconces add to the aesthetic of the place and are compact in nature. They illuminate the room and provide a great backdrop against the wall. Artistic sconces are compact in nature and hence do not take up much space. An added advantage is that since they are fixed on the wall, they do not encroach floor space.

False ceiling lights

False ceiling lights

Such lights offer enough lighting and variety in terms of area used. They are closer to the floor than regular ceilings hence are brighter by contrast. It is also easy to hide the panels in the living room as they are concealed within the ceiling area.

Illuminated ceiling

Illuminated ceiling

As opposed to false ceiling lights where lights fixtures are placed here and there, illuminated ceiling is when the full ceiling space is lit up entirely. The living room is transformed into a surreal and exciting experience resembling skylights from up above.

Rail lighting

rail lighting ideas

Rail lighting is known to offer a soft glow that provides warmth and lighting. A metallic strip is fixed in the ceiling on which light fixtures can be mounted upon. This ensures a centralized electrical outlet as well, given the fact that a ‘rail’ can hold many light fixtures.


pendant lighting ideas

Hanging lights in multiples from the ceiling with the use of a cord are known as pendant lighting. Pendants are understated and elegant by glance and hence are a great match to the living room décor. The varieties that one can utilize by mix and match of various different lights offer pleasant and specific lighting for any occasion.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps

The dependable and traditional mode of lighting, they are easy to move around according to requirement. Further, the height adjustment quotient comes in handy for multiple uses in the living room based on any activity that is to be done. Floor lamps blend well with the furnishing of the living room due to their svelte nature as well.

String lighting


A series of light bulbs connected in a manner that resembles a rope is what is called string lighting. It is a highly durable model known for its robust life. They do not require to be changed from time to time and are quiet versatile. String lights come in handy due to their movable nature and allow us to experiment different lighting outlays in the living room.

As the saying goes, “Living is all about seating and lighting.” Nowhere is it more apt than the living room. Therefore, it is important to choose the best possible lighting for the living room. Along with the décor, it is also important to note the kind of lights used. LEDs are the best kind there is, as they are energy efficient by not only being environment-friendly but also being cost effective. So, go ahead and light up your living room with style and thought!